NeoLoad’s Flexibility Wows the Paysafe Group

Elke Pauritsch | Head of Software Quality Management

The Paysafe Group is a global company headquartered on the Isle of Man and specialized in payment processing. Paysafe’s vast selection of innovative solutions provide merchants, partners, developers and consumers with one of the market’s largest suite of award-winning products and services. They offer everything from their industry-leading domestic and international proprietary gateway solutions, to customizable risk and fraud tools, and alternative payment methods. The company moved to the main market of the London Stock Exchange in December of 2015 and recorded more than one billion dollars in revenue in 2016, with 50,000 merchant processing accounts and a 17-billion processing volume in 2015.


Paysafe’s subsidiary paysafecard decided to adopt NeoLoad last year. A global market leader in online prepaid payment methods based in Vienna, Austria, the company is present in 43 countries with more than 500,000 sales outlets, and recorded more than 100 million transactions worldwide in 2016.
paysafecard makes it possible to pay online at online platforms from the worlds of gaming, betting, social media & communities, music, film and entertainment among others. “You can buy prepaid phone cards with them, for example, or pay at the supermarket but our services are mostly used for online games: most are free but to get to a higher level and have more fun, you generally have to buy some options or credits”, explains paysafecard’s head of Quality Assurance and Paysafe’s Head of Software Quality Management Elke Pauritsch, who has been working in QA for more than ten years. One of its selling points is its ease of use: you pay by simply entering the paysafecard’s 16-digit PIN. Considering the huge number of transactions processed and the safety issue explaining why even a lot of credit card owners use paysafecard, the company needed to make sure its online and mobile applications run smoothly.
That is why they decided to switch from HPE LoadRunner to NeoLoad in January of 2016. “The
performance testing tools used in the Paysafe group were HPE LoadRunner and Apache JMeter. The objective was to find a lightweight tool that could cover the requirements from all software development departments in the Paysafe group, mainly testing web applications

paysafecard asked Neotys certified service partner SEQIS Consulting to carry out a Proof of Concept study, and their recommendation was to switch to NeoLoad. “ We wanted to see if testing the load that we had was possible, it was fine so we decided to go ahead, she remembers. We were so happy with the PoC of NeoLoad at paysafecard that we decided to make it a group tool for performance testing and to use it globally, from Europe to India and Canada”.

Elke Pauritsch adds that Paysafe uses NeoLoad for load testing APIs as well as end-to-end testing. “We are testing applications based on Java and Oracle for our online payment products, and we have started using NeoLoad for new products and technologies in our journey to use a microservice ecosystem on our group platform”


As it turns out, NeoLoad is much more flexible and has already proven very useful:
“we have Scrum (agile development) teams that carry out performance tests and sometimes, they use a free license to develop small performance test scripts before executing load tests in a bigger environment. What was missing on the HPE side is that there was a chain of development for the tool, and there weren’t a lot of new features developed. That’s what we definitely like on the NeoLoad side”.

Another benefit she appreciates is the service and hotline provided. “They are better than excellent, not comparable at all to previous support with a 4-week reaction time – and that’s not the time it took them to come up with a solution, just the time it took them to act upon a request. The Neotys team is fast and really helped us solve the small issues we had”

In addition, reporting was a main criterion for the decision to go ahead with NeoLoad since
“the provided reporting seemed more powerful”.


All in all, Elke Pauritsch states her company didn’t have any real challenges to meet after adopting NeoLoad. “The only issue we had didn’t have anything to do with the tool itself but our need to train a large group of people on what performance testing is and using NeoLoad, but that was very easy to overcome because it’s so simple”.
In-house training sessions were organized to get a lot more software developers and QA experts to use it in February of this year.

Her teams are also trying to see how they could use it more intensively. They currently have a license with 100 virtual users shared among the group using the license team server. Depending on the business need, they will consider an upgrade to a higher license model sometime this year, also evaluating internally which other applications could be tested with NeoLoad in their worldwide locations in the future.
“ We would like to include it in our continuous development pipeline, to integrate NeoLoad with Bamboo, adds Elke Pauritsch. We discussed it with SEQIS and Neotys, we know it’s possible but it’s more like a priority issue, we first need to solve other problems and find the time”

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… NeoLoad is much more flexible and has already proven very useful.