Automated Test Design for Performance Testing with NeoLoad

ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. With a presence in ~30 countries worldwide, it focuses on Europe and Asia offering a comprehensive range of insurance, pensions, investments, and services. In its German home market, it’s one of the leading providers across all lines of business. 

  • The company employs nearly 40,000 employees and agents.
  • The ERGO brand is comprised of four separate units: ERGO Group AG, ERGO International AG, ERGO Digital Ventures AG, and ERGO Technology & Services Management.

Overseeing the IT services and support for ERGO is ITERGO, which manages day-to-day operations from four locations: Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, and Munich. ITERGO’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of global solutions; the design and management of modern infrastructure; and ensuring that the group is continually updated with the latest information technology. Above all else, ITERGO serves as the backbone of ERGO Group’s digital transformation journey.

Digital Transformation & Speed 

Ask any company who’s already endured a digital transformation. They’ll probably tell you their success was the result of technological and processing agility. You’re also likely to hear the pride in their voice when they talk about more meaningful customer interaction since.

What happens when something changes?

Managing change – having to edit and damn-near script all over again is an unsavory development task. More importantly, it prevents fast, effective, and high-velocity software delivery. This was precisely the issue ITERGO kept running into which is why their vendor, Triscon, a recent NeoLoad certified service partner, took advantage of the product’s built-in integration with Selenium to manage and reuse functional scripts in their load testing. Let’s talk about what they did with a review of the NeoLoad-Selenium integration.


NeoLoad & Selenium Fuel Agility

In-browser testing has become a functional testing standard, and Selenium has become the de facto test tool with its real browser utility. Selenium is open-source providing a single interface enabling you to write test scripts in languages like Java and C# (each supported by NeoLoad), to name a few.

When integrated with Selenium, NeoLoad simulates large numbers of users engaging with an application simultaneously. This allows you to analyze user response time and infrastructure activity (database, Web server, network components, etc.). For those who leverage the coordinated solution, the benefits are game-changing:

  • Staff time optimization: Reuse of functional scripts for performance/load test scripts saves time and money
  • Guidance and insight across the entire delivery chain right up to the end-user browser/device


What does this mean?

Selenium functional tests can be converted in NeoLoad to use them for load and performance testing. They become highly scalable, protocol-based, load tests that can be launched and analyzed into NeoLoad.


100% Automated Script Maintenance

ITERGO has taken advantage of script management functionality. As it designed, when the application changes, testers leverage the NeoLoad User Path Update feature to update load test scripts converted from Selenium automatically. This automation has saved them time and effort – applying the time towards other, more strategic projects.

For more on the NeoLoad-Selenium integration, click here.

Germany – Düsseldorf