Service Packages

A Neotys Service Package helps you prevent application issues and ensure top performance in your business critical applications

Deploy your application with confidence

Make sure you avoid the pitfalls of poor performance including:

  • Loss of customers, clients, partners, and revenues.
  • Reduced user productivity.
  • Damage to the Brand and wasted marketing investments.

Why Test?

All developers “write good code” but, due to the complexity of modern applications, it’s impossible to know how an app will behave under load in production without the right testing. You wouldn’t get on a plane that hasn’t undergone some technical scrutiny, would you? Memory dumps, limited resource pools, and insufficient network connections are among the many issues that can cause poor application performance, even crashes, under load, but you won’t detect these issues without the right test.

Neotys Service Packages give you powerful insights into your application’s performance… without the hassle of testing it yourself.

Turnkey Performance Testing

You don’t have to be a testing expert to make sure that your application will perform as it needs to… we’ll do it for you.

Our experienced performance engineers will test your app using the latest NeoLoad software so you can answer key questions including

  • Will my site be able to handle expected (and unexpected) user loads?
  • How many concurrent users will my app be able to handle?
  • Will my app’s performance degrade as more people use it from different geographies or from different devices?

Our highly reactive team of engineers will quickly deliver your Neotys Service Package, getting you these answers in a matter of days. When time is crucial, you can count on us!

How it works

Need your app tested but lack the resources, time or experience to do it yourself? We’ve got a Service Package for you! A Neotys Performance Engineer will:

Work with you to determine the testing requirements based on your needs
The Performance Engineer will help you answer questions such as:

  • Which scenarios are the most business critical?
  • Are there certain performance targets?
  • Do you worry about software configuration, network configuration, software code or insufficient hardware resources?

Create and execute a custom detailed test plan
Your Neotys Performance Engineer will create a detailed plan that defines the test plan and fits your unique needs, including:

  • The use cases to be tested
  • Servers and services to be monitored then correlated with load & response time
  • Peak-hour transaction workload and ramping rate to be accomplished
  • And more


Deliver to you the results with immediately actionable insights
Your performance engineer will deliver the test results and corresponding insights packaged in a comprehensive report that you can use to improve your application immediately to ensure performance as required. Get a sample report here.

Why Neotys

Our Performance Engineers are all experts in the field of load & performance testing and in optimizing web & mobile applications. They have the expertise to generate relevant results that you can understand and act on.
Neotys has helped over 1,500 customers in more than 60 countries, in all major verticals including e-commerce, video & gaming, banking & finance among others. Some of our customers:

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