BOSTON, MA – November 8, 2018 – Neotys announced today a new release (6.7) for its NeoLoad performance testing platform. This release takes a significant step towards Shift Left motion, enabling teams to test earlier in the software development lifecycle (at the API level), and use code to define test settings.

Release Summary
NeoLoad 6.7 offers new features such as performance tests as code and Swagger file import to create tests make API performance testing easier and more effective.

Combined with enhanced APM integration and power features supporting traditional system-wide load testing, NeoLoad is the most advanced enterprise platform covering performance testing throughout all SDLC stages.

What’s New in this Release?

  • Define Test Settings as Code using YAML Domain Specific Language.
  • Import Swagger/OpenAPI files to Create API Performance Tests: Developers and testers can easily import Swagger as well as any OpenAPI file/URL resulting in NeoLoad performance test scenarios mirroring the API definitions.
  • LoadRunner Script Converter is now Open Source! The LoadRunner converter supports more functions and covers SAP GUI scripts, enabling the conversion of your LoadRunner scripts.
  • Shift Right (Enhanced APM Integration with AppDynamics): AppDynamics monitoring data automatically injected into NeoLoad and correlated – all while the application load test is still active.

Discover all of NeoLoad 6.7’s enhancements on our What’s New page.


About Neotys:
Neotys has nearly 15 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. It’s built by engineers who recognized that to achieve their Agile adoption objective; they needed to create a product that could facilitate superior load and performance testing continuously. The result – faster test creation and maintenance with NeoLoad. For more information about Neotys or NeoLoad, visit: or contact