What’s New in NeoLoad 3.2

NeoLoad 3.2 now has even better support for Web technologies, allowing you to test more easily, more frequently, further upstream and using the Cloud!

NeoLoad Cloud Testing

Cloud Logo Run your load tests from the Cloud!

Using the NeoLoad Cloud Testing Solution, you can generate the load from the Neotys Cloud Platform. Run your tests from outside the firewall and on-demand for maximum flexibility and set-up speed.

Find out more about the features and advantages of the NeoLoad Cloud Testing Solution.


Even more technologies supported!


The optional Silverlight module allows you to record and play back applications using .Net binary XML: MC-NBFX (binary XML) and MC-NBFS (binary SOAP).

Find out more about the Silverlight module.


The optional Siebel module includes all the features needed to test Siebel Web applications:

  • Decoding/encoding of Siebel-format parameters.
  • Automatic renaming of pages according to transaction call.
  • Framework parameters for correlation.
  • Polling request handling.
  • Automatic error detection.

Find out more about the Siebel module.

VMware Monitoring

The optional VMware monitoring module allows you to monitor all the components in a VMware structure: vSphere, ESX and virtual machines. The module collects statistics on the virtual server and host system, plus those specific to VMware itself.

Find out more about the VMware monitoring module.


The SOAP module has received major enhancements:

  • Support for SOAP 1.2
  • Support for WS-Security
  • Improved WSDL handling


New features for even greater efficiency.

Global validations

NeoLoad allows you to define validations for the content of request responses globally. Global validations may be defined at container level or for the virtual user as a whole.

See the related documentation.

Automatic retrieval of page resources

When a page contains a dynamic number of graphical resources, NeoLoad gives you the option of automatically executing the page’s resources.

See the related documentation.

Shared queues

Shared queues enable the sharing of data between virtual user instances in producer/consumer approach. Thus, interactions can be envisaged between virtual user profiles to produce more realistic scenarios. For example, there could be a virtual user profile that creates a task to be processed and another that processes the created task.

Variable scope

The way values change in variables is handled has been improved and simplified:

  • The scope may be global, local or unique.
  • The order may be sequential, random, or no matter.
  • When no values remain, the options offered are: recycle, stop the test or return the text „<NO VALUE>“.

The “unique” scope guarantees that a value such as a user account/password is only used by one single virtual user instance at a time, even when using several load generators.


NeoLoad 3.2 provides the following enhancements:

  • SSL recording with no security alerts. (See the related documentation).
  • The truncated mean (e.g. average 90%) can be customized. (See the related documentation).
  • For each test run, the load generators’ log files can be accessed from the controller’s interface. (See the related documentation).
  • The connection between the controller and load generators can be encrypted. (See the related documentation).
  • The UNIX monitors (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX) feature network performance counters. (See the related documentation).
  • The Tomcat monitoring module supports Tomcat 7 (See the related documentation).
  • Using the CA APM module, you can access the CA Technologies CA APM Workstation from NeoLoad. (See the related documentation).


Providing you have a valid support package, here’s how to update your version of NeoLoad:

  1. Download NeoLoad 3.2.
  2. Install NeoLoad in a new directory (do not install on top of the old version).
  3. Download the v3.2 license key from the customer area.
  4. Make sure you back-up your projects before using them with the new version.






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