Why Software Testers Wear Many Hats – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Why Software Testers Wear Many Hats

In 1985, Edward Charles Francis Publius de Bono introduced a lateral thinking concept in his landmark book, Six Thinking Hats. These hats define different cognitive styles that, when fused, achieve optimal results in project management. Teams that incorporate the following six thinking styles make the fewest mistakes, identify the greatest opportunities and cover the most ground:

  • Managerial Blue
  • Informational White
  • Emotional Red
  • Discerning Black
  • Optimistic Yellow
  • Creative Green

Though this philosophy was promoted as a management principle to business leaders, it can be applied in many other fields including software QA management. This first article of a six part series defines the Blue Hat – what it does, when it should be worn, and how the results can be applied to the software development cycle. Take a look!

2. Top 6 Mistakes Testers Need to Avoid When Testing Mobile Application Performance

We get it. As a tester you’re working under pressure. It’s your job to point out what’s wrong with applications, which doesn’t make you the most likeable person of the team. Nobody wants to hear “Hey, can you go back and re-do this?”

It may be a thankless job, but it’s a necessary one. Because without you, the application your team has spent so much time and effort producing could utterly bomb when it gets in the hands of users.

Mistakes are inevitable, but to be the best tester you can be, it’s wise to learn from the mistakes of others. This post provides readers with the top six mistakes testers are most likely to make when testing mobile application performance.

Check it out!

3. What is Penetration Testing and Why You Need to Do It

It seems as though every other week, some company is facing backlash over software security breaches. To proactively identify and address software vulnerabilities, security testing is a vital aspect of the quality assurance process. One of the most helpful forms of security testing when it comes to finding and plugging holes in an application’s structure and defense is penetration testing. As such, QA leaders should ensure that everyone on their team is familiar with the methodology.

This post outlines a few different types of penetration tests and offers recommendations on how your team can prioritize these tests within your organization. Read on…

4. Discussion: Introducing Automation to a Small Company – Where to Start?

If you have any experience introducing automation into your organization, you might have some spot-on advice for this poster to the Software Testing Club Forum. Noah Southard works for a small company that does custom business software solutions in .NET, and his team includes 2 devs, himself and the QA.


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