What is Software Testing All About? – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. What is Software Testing All About? (Read My 10 Point Summary Carefully)

I’m sure each and every one of you has a different response to this question. Some will say that testing is all about UI verification and others will say testing is just about finding defects. Author Sandhya Rani N. asserts that, above all else, improving and maintaining the quality of an application should be testers’ primary goal.

This assertion rings true in her article as the first point states: “Testing is about quality.”

She continues to categorize the whereabouts of testing in nine more succinct points in her article which you can view here.

2. What if Accessibility Testing Is Not Done?

According to data from the UN, around 15% of the world’s population, or 1 billion people, live with some sort of disability. As such, accessibility should be top of mind when developing products. But what happens when time and cost constraints restrict full test coverage? You compromise. Unfortunately, this may adversely impact your application’s quality and acceptance in the market.

Instead of focusing on the importance of accessibility testing, this article takes a closer look at some possible consequences of skipping it. The author asks readers to assume that accessibility has been engineered into the product, but has not been validated and verified. Potential outcomes include:

  • A design that may not be fully accessible
  • An implementation effort that does not fully align with the design
  • An engineering effort that does not align with legal requirements
  • An engineering effort that does not align with end-user requirements

Take a deeper dive into these outcomes here.

3. Managing Acceptance Criteria Plans

Some of the hardest and most crucial instances in any project execution are the user acceptance test phases. But having a thorough and clearly documented process for evaluating acceptance and exit criteria that you previously agreed on with the end-user will help you handle expectations and plan on results.

Pro Tip: When part of a project team, do not assume that you have the same point of view the end-users will have when running test cases.

Learn more about designing and performing effective user acceptance tests in the full article.

4. Infographic: How Mobile is Changing Business

Though this infographic cites information from 2012, it just goes to show the rising importance of being prepare for mobile users. This year, eMarketer predicts that smartphone penetration worldwide will reach two billion. Consumers are browsing the web, engaging with applications and even making purchase via mobile devices; this is why it is mandatory for businesses to ensure the performance of applications in their mobile environments.

Take a closer look at the infographic for more insight into how users are interacting with both web and mobile applications via mobile devices.

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