What did Promutuel Assurance combine to generate such performance testing success?

A Year for the Record Book

As the world prepares to turn the page on 2017, most will do so reflecting on a year full of reminders from Mother Nature of her strength and prowess. With natural disaster events all too common lately, we celebrate the charity, brotherhood, and perseverance on display across the globe. Rebuilding efforts have been a focal point, and for damage insurers like Promutuel Assurance, they are just a part of the process.

Controlling the Damage

Locally, the Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that two significant storm and flooding events in Ontario and Québec earlier in the year resulted in >$223 million in insured damage (source, Catastrophe Indices, and Quantification Inc). This type of volume can have a profound impact on the provider community, and for companies like Promutuel Insurance, a long-standing NeoLoad user, these events have a way of thrusting core values like cooperation and solidarity to the forefront.

Ranked 4th among damage insurers in Québec, Promutuel Insurance, alone, has over 160 years of history dedicated to protecting the local population’s assets in the true embodiment of “there when needed” service and support.

Application Performance Testing & Reliability a Must

When Promutuel Assurance’s IT team needs to evaluate “system” success, it recognizes the importance of the agent/customer relationship’s impact on the bottom line. It’s no wonder performance (availability, speed, and robustness), particularly for applications facilitating this agent/customer dialogue, is a primary objective. This is why load testing using NeoLoad has been well-established habit within the IT department for mission-critical applications for several years.

Guidewire Technology & NeoLoad Source of Growth

As part of the company-wide migration to Guidewire technology (a framework built on the use of Single-Page Applications (SPAs) Promutuel Assurance recently incorporated NeoLoad into the process. Referenced daily by over 400 agents, this system represents a super-competitive, high-growth/profitability market compared to other policy types.

With Guidewire and NeoLoad in their performance testing process, Promutuel Assurance has reduced business proposal processing time by several seconds; driving nearly 30% sales growth.

Learn More

For the full story of how Promutuel Assurance is using Guidewire and NeoLoad, read the case study. Or, to start testing with NeoLoad yourself, click here.

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