The Value of Wisdom in Testing – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The Value of Wisdom in Testing—and How to Earn It

“We should look for the truth that may be out there, even when it conflicts with a belief we may hold.”

Wisdom is important in testing, but is it a skill? Is wisdom something we learn, or something we gain over the years? Jon Hagar discusses ways testers can expand their perspectives and ignore groupthink to try to become more well-rounded and wiser in their team roles.

Take a look at his full write-up here.

2. In Mobile Usability Testing, Who Accesses Accessibility?

This article opens with two powerful stories that equally helped the author come to this conclusion: testers need to recognize their own biases and limitations when they are testing so that they don’t fool themselves. Intellectually, testers can know about accessibility limitations, but still fall prey to them.

To combat this bias and to successfully integrate accessibility into mobile applications, the author recommends recruiting test users and not simply relying on a formal test team—approaches include “dog fooding,” development team testing, alpha-beta testing, and crowdsourced testing.

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3. How to Get Started in Software Testing – A Few Resources

Though there are countless resources for software testing inspiration, learning and advice, it’s always nice to have a jumping off point when starting something new. This post includes an extensive list of materials designed to help those looking to get started in software testing.

Author Rob Lambert mentions that this list is by no means complete and urges readers to leave suggestions for additions in the comments. If you’re either new to testing or just looking to expand your knowledge on the subject, read through the full list here and contribute some resources you think would be valuable to software testing beginners!

4. A Brave New (sub) Reddit (Software Testing Views)

If you happen to be both a software tester and a Redditor, you’re in luck. There’s a new subreddit in town: Software Testing Views. It’s pretty self-explanatory—this subreddit’s focus is on the wide range of views held by the software testing community.

You’re encouraged to post blog posts, forum discussions (opinions), white papers, case studies, OpEds, discussion documents, conference reports, research findings, debates, arguments and opinions. Ultimately, these links should lead to learning resources and strong arguments so that every visitor has the opportunity to not only learn, but also to be challenged in his/her thinking.

Check out an introduction to this new subreddit here.

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