The Value of Testing and How to Work with Development – Neotys Testing Roundup, June 2013 Issue 4

The value of testing is fairly obvious to those of us who do it. But what about the rest of the organization? Too often we hear about “testing as a cost center,” “just have development do it,” or “our developers write good code, so we don’t need to test.” But, if you want to deliver top quality applications, you’re going to have to test them. This week we focus on the value added by testers, how you can get ahead in your test career and how you can work with development to really aid your organization in the best way possible. But first, our weekly poll question, inspired by The Ministry of Testing’s recent survey:

1) 5 Ways Testing & Test Teams Add Value

“Confusion is a normal response to a confusing situation…use it as a trigger to investigate.” That’s the quote, from Michael Bolton, that author Rajesh Mathur uses in the beginning of the article. It’s also the basis of how he explains part of the value of testing teams. How does this actually apply to testing and the value you add? Next time somebody asks about the value of testing, ask them to ponder these questions to have them understand the 5 ways that you add value to your company.

2) Testers Are From Mars, Developers Are From Venus: Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Relationship With Development

This post was crafted by Neotys’ own Senior Performance Engineer, Steve Weisfeldt, and was recently posted to the EuroSTAR Testing Conference’s blog. It’s based on three truisms: 1) Change in your application is inevitable; 2) Developers and testers don’t always communicate well; 3) All testing tools are not created equal. Read on to see how Steve recommends developers and testers think more alike to make everyone’s lives easier.

3) Survey: Testing Your Career Path

Do testers need to move to development for career progression? Should developers who can’t cut it be moved to testing? The Ministry of Testing recently compiled a survey around these topics after hearing questions like these too often. Check out their results and analysis to see what your peers think they have to do for career advancement and how to get ahead.

4) Experience Report: Pairing With a Programmer

In a “do or die” scenario, tester Erik Brickarp paired up with a developer to work together on testing and fixing a critical feature that had been delivered late. Erik describes the entire process that he and the developer went through, including process and what he was thinking. The efficiency gains were very real and allowed them to get the feature fixed and released on time. Read the story to find out how you can get this type of efficiency in your company!

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