The Rapid Software Testing Namespace – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The Rapid Software Testing Namespace

How do you speak inside your project? This post takes an interesting look at some of the language (and meanings behind said language) that a couple testers use in their Rapid Software Testing (RST) “projects.”

The author makes an interesting point, and writes, “People who tout a ‘common language’ often mean ‘my common language’, or ‘my namespace’.” Many often fail to realize that words within a project may have varied, tailored definitions.

Whether you stick to dictionary definitions or define your own vocabulary when it comes to software development and/or testing, the author encourages you to notice when words are being used in different ways. Check out the full article here.

2. Why DevOps, Integration, and Continuous Delivery Hold the Key to Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile consumers are demanding more applications than ever before. In fact, McKinsey & Company predicts that app-related revenues will reach $70 billion by 2017, with 268 billion downloads. Consumers want more than daily functional updates to their apps—including user experience and user interfaces—and without interruption to service.

In this article, the authors mention that enterprises should aspire to continuous improvement in five ways, one of which being continuous testing. Though it is most difficult part of the application lifecycle process, continuous testing is necessary to deliver app reliability, quality and performance.

It may not be easy to achieve, but the level of continuity discussed in this article is definitely worth the read!

3. How Technology is Changing the Entire Game of Football

This is a fun article devoted to potential testing strategies of NFL software that would allow referees, teams and coaches to rewatch plays and review the game in greater detail. Technologies to enhance the experiences of playing and watching sports are rolling out all the time—and the one mentioned above may not be too far off. The NFL is currently evaluating the Microsoft Surface tablet for such purposes.

Even though football season just ended, reading this post will definitely get you pumped up for NFL technologies and seasons to come!

4. 4 DevOps Survival Tips for Security Specialists

The ever-increasing speed of software development calls for the evolution and adaptation of security professionals’ practices according to DevOps principles. As applications become more and more complex, the need for highly skilled security specialists will grow. However, maintaining compliance and mitigating risk in a DevOps style operation, where software is being built and deployed at dizzying rates, can be more than challenging.

In this post, author Peter Waterhouse outlines four essential practices for security professionals supporting DevOps.

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