The New User Testing – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. 2 days, 200 customers, And Conclusive Results: The New User Testing

At Neotys we consistently stress the importance of testing from end user’s point of view. This article from Atlassian is about something bold they tried at their user conference, called Summit, this past September. The company is constantly trying new methods to understand their customers, and learning what they can do better. At Summit, they reached out to customers in a new way: the Test Lab.

They designed a lab where customers could pop by, chat with a volunteer, and give feedback on features. When all was said and done, they collected over 200 valuable customer feedback videos using both and QuickTime videos. They gathered much more data than if they had facilitated all interviews in person, and more customers got to collaborate with them.

Read more about Atlassian’s Test Lab.

2. Will getting a Software Testing Certification benefit me in my career?

“Overall, SQA is a very skilled position and most managers and recruiters respect that it requires a mentality that is difficult to find. A lot of the instincts that are required can not be taught or transferred. The piece that transforms someone from being decent to great in this field is that inquisitive nature. Because of this, I see a lot of the certificates as purely self validation, and the knowledge gained being the beneficial part.”

Read more answers to this question here.

3. Don’t write a single test! Until you know how to do it

People tend to concentrate on the quantity of their test cases, and fail to put enough efforts on the quality of their resources.

The result is repository with a lot more test cases than it should actually have, many of them covering the same feature too many times, others describing functionality that was modified a number of releases back, and some that have not been run in a number of years because they are not really important anymore.

If this sounds like your organization, you may want to check out this great article covering important rules of thumb for writing test cases.

4. Developing a Team of Testers

As the leader, your team’s development is your responsibility. In order to keep good people, you have to allow them the opportunity to improve themselves. You need to be aware of the different levels of testers there are in the team, the abilities each level of tester has, and what motivates every individual.

This is a strong blog post that discusses:

  • Developing different levels of testers
  • Drive, enthusiasm, and motivation
  • Identifying testers ready to develop
  • Mentoring testers

Read the complete article on Stickyminds.

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