The Future of the Software Testing Profession – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The Future of the Software Testing Profession: An Interview with Mike Sowers

Let’s start out with the big question, “Is testing, as a profession, dying?”

Interviewee Michael Sowers cites data from the testing community and notes that while the testing profession is not going to see its demise anytime soon, there are significant factors that are driving change in the testing profession—factors such as mobile, embedded, wearables, big data, etc.

Throughout the rest of his interview, Sowers digs into the changing nature of testing and details the impact innovations like wearables and mobile have on the craft.

Listen to or read through the full interview here.

2. Using Load Testing Tools for More Than Just Load Testing

Did you know that your load performance testing tool can do more than just load test in development? It can also be a great tool for helping the production support teams better manage their networks and users.

System load testing tools are well known for understanding how your system will perform under different scenarios—but that is not all these tools can do. This article looks at the ability to gain critical information from your production systems using the abilities that are included in these tools.

Read on…

3. Test Automation – Who Should be Involved?

When it comes to automating tests, who should be involved in their design, creation and maintenance? Different scenarios may have varying degrees of success for teams, products or companies, but author Kenny Cruden believes there are core guidelines that should be considered and adhered to when approaching this topic.

In this write-up, Cruden discusses two very real and difficult questions many teams come across when facing automation:

Do we have duplication of test coverage?

Is our test suite structured in a cohesive manner throughout the whole stack?

He addresses both questions and then provides his four principles for test automation. Take a look.

4. Discussion: What’s the Difference Between a Tester and SDET?

Rosie Sherry from the Software Testing Club is sure that many of you will share the annoyance she has experienced and seen when the focus on recruiting a tester suddenly becomes about hiring a developer who can automate all the tests.

She’s interested in exploring ways to communicate this problem better to the outside world. Is the key to identify what the difference is between a tester and a SDET? Or maybe to determine what skills each of them should have and where these skills overlap?


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