The 4 Worst Software Bugs of 2015 – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The 4 Worst Software Bugs of 2015

We’ve written in the past about how software testers should strive to go unnoticed. If testers are able to successfully ensure the performance of a web or mobile application, users should remain unaware of their involvement. However, it isn’t always possible to remain behind the scenes. Sometimes things go wrong, and the fallout could prove devastating.

This article from QA Symphony, while presenting four of the worst software failures of last year, is meant to highlight the significant damage that mistakes and missed bugs can cause even in the biggest organizations. So which companies ended up on the list?

Read on to find out!

2. The Icky and Good Words In Software Testing

In the oh-so-famous words of Thumper (this is a Bambi reference, FYI), “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” While the double negative makes for an interesting interpretation of the quote, you get the gist. Now, it’s much easier to say something nice if you know which words are nice to begin with.

Luckily, the folks over at Ministry of Testing have compiled data on the words testers say make them feel good and the words that make them feel icky. If you’d like to make an effort to be nicer to the testers in your life, try replacing “icky” words with “good” words this week. Check out the full list of words here!

3. Planning for Mobile Testing Challenges

You cannot ignore mobile users. They’re online, they’re accessing your application, and if you fail to account for this usage during testing, you’ll risk losing these users for good. Teams tasked with testing mobile applications will face a variety of challenges that may not arise in basic web/desktop application testing.

For example, the number of mobile devices on the market requires extensive testing to ensure a positive app experience across the board. During mobile testing, teams must decide to use real devices, emulators or both. Network conditions, which will vary greatly for each mobile user, must also be taken into account during tests. To explore the full list of mobile testing challenges in a bit more detail, read on here.

4. Discussion: How to start a conversation with a tester…

You may have a knack for starting social conversations, but what would you do in a room full of testers? You can’t ask them what they do, because you already know. What’s your go-to ice breaker? What kinds of topics and information would you like to discuss?

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