Test Jumpers – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Test Jumpers: One Vision of Agile Testing

Many software companies, these days, are organized around a number of small Agile teams. These teams may be working on different projects or parts of the same project.

James Bach has a proposal for skilled Agile testing in such places: a role called a “test jumper.” The name comes from the elite “smoke jumper” type of firefighter. A test jumper is a trained and enthusiastic test lead who “jumps” into projects and from project to project: evaluating the testing, doing testing or organizing people in other roles to do testing.

The value of a role like this arises because in a typical dedicated Agile situation, everyone is expected to help with testing, and yet having staff dedicated solely to testing may be unwarranted. In practice, that means everyone remains chronically an amateur tester, untrained and unmotivated.

Intrigued? Check out the full article.

2. What It Takes to Develop an Agile Transformation Strategy

Any agile transformation starts by understanding what the end state of your organization looks like and how that organization will coordinate to produce integrated value for your customers.

This LeadingAgile article by Mike Cottmeyer defines the architecture of your agile enterprise as consisting of 3 key areas: structure, governance, and metrics & tools. He then discusses how to put in place an incremental and iterative approach to adopting agile. It’s a good overview of how to think methodically about changing your organization to an agile one.

Read the full article here.

3. Best Agile Advice Articles – Ten Year Anniversary!

Agile Advice was started in 2005. In ten years, they have published over 850 articles (an average of just about 2 per week!). Here are some collections of the ten “best” articles – including the most popular, most commented, and most frequent contributors.

For a quick taste, here are the top 5 most popular:

  • How Two Hours Can Waste Two Weeks (75,000+ visits)
  • The Seven Core Practices of Agile Work (25,000+ visits)
  • Eight Barriers to Effective Listening (17,000+ visits)
  • Seven Essential Teamwork Skills (17,000+ visits)
  • 24 Common Scrum Pitfalls Summarized (15,000+ visits)

Continue on the post to access all the articles.

4. Agile testing is not a methodology

Here’s a recap by Janet Gregory of a short “Soap Box” talk she gave at the EuroStar conference in Dublin recently. She says:

“A while ago, someone came up to me and said ‘How should we implement the agile testing methodology’? I was horrified because I don’t consider agile testing to be a methodology, and not sure how people got that impression. And just last week, someone in my London course, said ‘agile testing is a myth, right?’, and I was confused because I have been working with teams to understand what agile testing means.”

“Agile is a set of values – It has a set of principles – it is not a methodology. Extreme Programming is a software development method or framework that follows the agile values and principles. It has a specific set of practices to follow. Scrum is a project management framework which adheres to the agile values, but also has specific set (but different) of practices to follow or at least start with.”

Click here to read more about what she means.

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