Test Automation Venus Flytrap – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Test Automation Venus Flytrap

You’ve got this new thing to test.

You just read about a tester who used Selenium and he looked pretty cool in his bio picture. Come on, you could do that. You could write an automated check for this. As you start coding, you realize your initial vision was too ambitious so you revise it. Even with the revised design you’re running into problems with the test stack.

Welcome to the test automation venus flytrap.

2. Testing Software from Inside the Glass Cage

Here’s a post from testing expert Jeff Lucas, who recently read “The Glass Cage: Automation And Us” by Nicholas Carr. Although it is mainly targeted at software and automation as it applies to the average consumer, it has a lot of information that is pertinent to the use of automation in software testing.

After reading the book, Jeff decided to go back through it again and create a mindmap of topics that identify the benefits and hazards of how we implement test automation.

See the mind map here.

3. Discussion: What is the Real Business Value of Software Testing in an IT Project?

Here’s a discussion worth checking out. It’s already got some interesting, in-depth comments – and perhaps our readers could add even more. User tech95 asks:

“I work as a manual tester on a big project. My project follows Agile methodology. I test a Web-based application. I sometimes ask myself, am I giving any value to the stakeholders?

What is the Real Business/Economic Value of doing software testing in any IT project. Why do clients/product owners pay testers for finding bugs? What I mean to say is that except finding bugs which even a developer can do on spending extra time, why testers are so important! Please share some thoughts/material which shows real value of testing phase in an Agile project.”

Contribute your answer here.

4. Accessibility Testing – Classification of Tools

Do you have to do any accessibility testing? Ever wonder what terms like Content Parser-Checker or Color-Contrast Analyzer really mean?

Here’s a post that describes the key tools involved in accessibility testing – including those listed above plus Color Picker-Chooser, UI Highlighter, Screen Reader, and GUI Automation Tool.

Check it out and amass some knowledge.

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