The State of Performance Testing – Where do you stand?

If performance testing falls under your purview, you’re no stranger to the Agile development model and DevOps adoption conversation. Your organization has likely embraced some components of continuous iteration of development/testing, at the very least, on a per-project basis. You may even have incorporated a model whose success is dependent upon the collaboration between development and operations – the hallmark of DevOps.

Earlier this year, we solicited over ten thousand organizations asking for their input on what performance means to their organization. Our goal was to glean how and when performance testing tasks are being executed within the software development lifecycle to determine where the audience falls on the Agile maturity curve.

Even if you weren’t able to take the survey, you should understand how you compare to your peers.

Thanks to those who responded, we have some benchmarks for you to consider as you look in the mirror.

  • Many still aspire to achieve Shift Left early and often execution:
    • 23% test during component/API stage (vs. pre-prod/prod)
    • 16% test continuously
  • 86% of organizations test duration from 1-5+ days (with 14% delivering fully automated tests)
  • Most consider themselves Agile (85%) yet a majority fail to incorporate testing into CI pipelines 
  • Performance testing primarily owned by traditional QA Center of Excellence with the developers’ involvement on the rise (37%)

See the full State of Performance Testing Infographic.

Interested in participating in next year’s survey, click here.

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