Software Tester’s Chinese Zodiac – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Software Tester’s Chinese Zodiac: 2015, The Year of the Goat

We’re going to start you out with some light reading today. In this fun post, Tricentis makes some zodiac predictions specifically for testers.

“The year of the Goat is an auspicious year that symbolizes Peace and Harmony. According to the Chinese calendar, the year of the goat will lead to a shift towards automated testing, not only on-premise but also in the cloud. Some software failures will occur, resulting in financial, branding or bodily damages. However, many will be avoided because of the growing importance of software testing and quality assurance.”

So testers, what does your year look like? Take a look!

2. How to Stop Doing TDD and Start Getting Real Value from Testing

In the field of testing, there are many ideas and movements, some of which have formed into schools. But there is really no universally accepted standard for what testing is and how it should be performed.

Professional developers want to be able to choose approaches and tools that fit particular projects, time frames, budgets and business goals, and deep down they know they will continue to do what’s best to perform their duties well.

This article explores test-driven development (TDD) and introduces several different ways to improve the quality of your code. The full article is definitely worth the read.

3. Creating High-Performance, Cross-Functional DevOps Teams

DevOps provides strategies to successfully automate and streamline your application build, package, and deployment. Excellent tools and technology are imperative, but even more essential is leading your team to work together effectively.

Ultimately, DevOps requires the involvement of smart people from each of the existing functions, including development, operations, database administrators, systems administrators, QA testers, and product managers. There is great synergy in the cross-functional, high-performance team.

Dive into a few approaches author Bob Aiello uses to create high-performance, cross-functional DevOps teams here.

4. Discussion: What are the best practices of a Software Quality Assurance Engineer?

This question posted in the Software Testing Club’s forum is pretty straight forward—so too is the inquirer’s motive for asking. He wants to know ‘best practices’ simply because he wants to be a better QA Engineer.

Most of the responses so far claim that there is no set of best practices, and that true value as a tester lies in a myriad of project factors. Do you agree?

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