Determining the ROI of Performance Testing Software

It’s no secret that evaluating the cost of software isn’t an easy task. The decision requires that you consider way more than licensing fees. Let’s take a look at what you need to have in mind when choosing the right performance testing software for your business.

The most significant value associated with performance testing platforms is failing faster. Less time focused on test creation and maintenance, can be redirected toward bottleneck identification, root cause understanding, and issue reconciliation. The result? Faster time to market and application reliability. 

Let’s explore how.

Script Creation & Management

  • How a performance testing tool generates scripts, and maintains them, informs a lot about cost/time savings. 
    • For instance, some tools, like NeoLoad, offer faster and easier script creation and update, while others such as LoadRunner requires entire test script re-write each time the code changes. 
  • With the move to DevOps, your testing tools must accommodate all team types and skills. Depending on the needs and abilities of the users, they create test scripts in NeoLoad either with a graphical user interface (GUI) drag and drop tool, or as code within YAML files or in a command-line interface. 

The Multilayers of Cost

The license fee gets you a seat at the table. You must also consider the infrastructure cost too when choosing load testing software. 

  • Generating load that simulates real-world user behavior requires substantial hardware. Some performance testing platforms need more equipment than others, for the same tests under the same load.
    • With NeoLoad’s dynamic infrastructure, you can easily set up testing resources when needed, automatically free up resources as tests complete. The more efficient the test infrastructure, the lower your total cost of ownership (be it hardware or software).

Don’t Forget the Cost of Doing Business

Enterprise support, customer relationship management, software deployment, and upgrade expenditures contribute to your “doing” business costs. 

  • Neotys receives praise for its customer service and response time. NeoLoad takes minutes to kick-off via a simple Docker image downloaded automatically. Meanwhile, upgrades are a fraction of the time versus other tools. 
    • By contrast, Performance Center takes days to connect to servers and databases, requiring highly specialized resources. Upgrading is a massive project lasting months. 

What about DevOps?

If nothing else this year through our user surveys, we’ve learned that most enterprises are on the path to DevOps. The road itself is best traveled when using tools equipped to meet the demands of transformation, or at the very least, a toggling between traditional and agile testing. 

Putting it All Together

Determining the load testing tool’s ROI for your organization must include an evaluative look at the time and effort associated with software implementation, scripting tests, deploying updates, customer support turnaround, and product readiness for traditional, modern approaches, or both. 

Learn More about Performance Testing Software

Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version of NeoLoad and start testing today.

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