PMU uses NeoLoad to Support DevOps Performance Testing Adoption

Horse racing is important in France and has been so for a long time. Fact, some of the earliest recorded racecourses were built in Paris during the 18th century.

The leading horse racing operator in Europe and the third largest pari-mutuel company in the world, PMU is an Economics Interest Group whose mission is to provide a foundation for French horse racing to continue its prominence for years to come.

PMU’s business is based on the successful processing of daily race information and bet transaction processing. Why is the maintenance of seamless day-to-day or even hour-by-hour operation so critical? Throughout 60 minutes, PMU’s platform is required to process upwards of 1,800 transactions/second for the 200K bets recorded.

DevOps Helps Breaks Down the Walls

Through the years, PMU has aggressively optimized its platform and underlying technology to ensure a seamless, available user experience continually. Part of this has included the company’s recent DevOps adoption and incorporation of automated testing such that they have been able to achieve some significant gains:

  • Recognizing performance bottlenecks early AND shaving test execution time
  • Running pre-production functional and performance tests concurrently – saving time!
  • Redeploying saved time towards other critical business and test processing

Learn More

For the full story of how PMU uses NeoLoad to backbone its DevOps performance testing, read their case study.

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