NeoLoad Helps Leading Yogurt Brand Stay Ahead of Competition with S/4HANA Migration

There’s no denying that digital transformation is a crucial success enabler. To that end, many companies have or are about to embrace the technological advances promising significant increases in efficiency and throughput. IT spending is expanding to support innovation and growth. While not experiencing the adoption that cloud is, ERP implementation is among the top trends we hear about from organizations today. The leading dairy manufacturing company responsible for one of America’s best Greek Yogurt brands recently went through an extensive search and evaluation process (with multiple proofs of concept). Ultimately, putting its faith in NeoLoad to support its Microsoft Dynamics migration to the SAP S/4HANA platform. Neotys also was the beneficiary of a ringing endorsement from a global partner, Infosys.

With revenues exceeding $1 billion and >2000 employees, this Yogurt manufacturer finds itself in a highly competitive industry. Forget about yogurt ingredients and benefit statements; the average number of product options is 300 today. As a consumer, this is a ton of choices. I might even argue that it’s so vast that it’s a contributor when I read that sales are on the decline. Suffice it to say competition is fierce, and those on the frontline of the software development process can attest. 

Despite it being the group’s first SAP implementation, the team was confident that it had done enough homework before selecting NeoLoad that they would be ready. In turn, collectively felt comfortable about goal-setting for life after the migration. Such goals included nearly 500 concurrent users (300 RFID (web-based apps)). On the SAP side, 180 (mainly Fiori users). 

Working together with NeoLoad, the dairy giant was able to cut over to the SAP S/4HANA platform seamlessly. With NeoLoad’s support, they can:

  • Automate/generate scripts across SAP landscapes like S/4HANA, Fiori, and SAP Business Client
  • Handle data with ease in real-time (including dynamic values) rather than using a .csv as part of the test data activity
  • Validate scripts – checking for errors, user path validity, and flag features all in real-time. Scripting was developed with corresponding business intelligence. All the validations were performed during runtime
  • Co-relate request and response using simple click – which automatically navigates to the exact request

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