#NeotysPAC – Old Pattern Powering Modern Tech, by Taras Tsugrii

On March 23-24th we organized our 3rd Virtual PAC. As we “followed the sun” over 24 hours, we had the honor to welcome a new PAC Expert as part of our panel: Taras Tsugrii, Software Development Engineer at Facebook. In his presentation, Taras discussed “Old Pattern Powering Modern Tech” — specifically, append-only, one of the oldest properties of storage systems that, despite its simplicity, powers the most efficient and sophisticated modern technology — from databases to blockchains and consensus algorithms.

As he explains, “It’s natural to look for a complex solution when faced with a challenging problem, yet paradoxically the simplest solution not only follows Occam’s Razor rule but also makes it easier to achieve optimal performance, scalability, and maintenance properties. In this presentation, I went through some of the append-only property history, reasons behind its power, and examples of how modern systems leverage it to solve a wide range of challenges in performance, distributed systems, and other areas.”

We are pleased to share with you his blog post which dives deeper into this topic.

In case you missed his presentation, don’t worry, the recording is available here.

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