Neotys Testing Roundup, May 2013 Issue 5

Want to stay on top of your career game to ensure you’ve got the best chance for advancement? We’ve got an infographic just for you in this week’s Testing Roundup. Are you already advanced and looking to hire the next batch of high performing software testers? Then learn how to recruit that next generation this week. Need a checklist of danger points to make sure your testing efforts are the best they can be? We’ve got you covered. Just need a laugh about this industry? Lucky for you, we’ve got that this week as well. But to get all of this, you’ll have to read to find out. But first, our weekly poll question inspired by our first story:

1) Testers & Developers: Worlds Apart or Kindred Spirits?

“Developers stay up all night writing code, Testers stay up all night…” Can you complete this sentence? Luckily, longtime testing pro Colin Cherry does it for you…and has many others as well. Colin spent the first 20 years of his career as a developer, before switching to testing, so he brings a unique viewpoint to how testers and developers can work together. Check this article out for some more interesting comparisons that are often quite insightful into the dynamics at play here.

2) How to Recruit the Next Generation of Load & Performance Testers

In the IT world, the demand for highly skilled software engineers continues to grow as application development becomes an integral part of more and more businesses around the globe. And as more and more applications are highly connected and have strong SLAs and are addressing sensitive business issues, the demand for load and performance testers also grows. Companies have been using creative techniques like using Big Data, Twitter and gamification to find top tech talent, but how do you get talented young engineers to 1) be interested in load testing and 2) want to work at your company in your team? Neotys’ own Hervé Servy tells you how we’ve been able to do it here.

3) Keeping It Real

There are many things that can undermine your testing efforts. To aid you, London-based agile tester Amy Phillips has put together a list of the eight major issues that can get in your way. Use this as a checklist for when you start thinking about your testing and you should be fine. Can you guess what the eight tenets on her checklist are? Check out the article and see if you were right.

4) Infographic – Software Testing Leadership Survey Results

A little while back The Testing Planet carried out a survey on testing leadership and careers. What they got out is a ton of interesting information about the industry and people in it. Find out who the most influential people in testing are. Learn how many in the industry are employed, contracting, freelance or other. Discover how many are getting formal training to increase their skills and more. Plus it all comes in an easy to read infographic! So check it out now.

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