Why You Should Waste Time & 6 Ways to Be a Better Tester – Neotys Testing Roundup, June 2013 Issue 3

If you’ve ever wasted time at work playing with something that seemed neat but wasn’t part of your project, then this is the Testing Roundup for you! This issue is all about experimenting. These long-time testing experts discuss tricks to increase collaboration between development and test, how to find new and innovative ways of doing things, how to maximize your potential as a tester and more. Of course, experimenting isn’t worth much if you don’t ever look back and analyze, so we’ve also included a chance to look back and see how we all got here (working as testers). But first, our weekly poll question, stemming directly from the Mindset of a Tester article:

1) Advancing Collaboration

Even in organizations that practice “whole team” development where testers and developers work closely throughout the process, there can still be impediments to working together as harmoniously as the two groups would like. In this post, tester Lisa Crispin discusses how her team continually thinks of experiments to work more closely with other roles on the team. This approach can help both those in a “whole team” environment as well as those looking to get there. To find out how she does it, read the whole article.

2) You Need to Schedule Tasks to “Waste Time” as Part of Your Regular Work

People always think that wasting time is bad. But, according to Joel Montvelisky, it’s not. His company is convinced of the fact that “experimenting with new stuff” is the way to introduce new practices that will ultimately make the team and company more successful. Does everything work every time? Of course not! You’ve got to strike out a few times before you hit a grand slam, as Montvelisky says. But check out the article, consider it your first step into productively wasting time.

3) Mindset of a Tester – 6 Ways to Maximize Your Potential as a Tester

What can a tester do to stay at the top of their game? What kind of mindset is important for a tester? In the same way that athletes need to be in the right mindset to perform and improve, so too must software testers. Check out this article by Gareth Waterhouse to get the 6 ways to maximize your potential as a tester. You can start by focusing on success…but to get the other 5, you’ve got to read the whole post.

4) You’re a Tester. How Did That Happen?

Did you know you wanted to be a software tester when you were a kid? Were you the only one among want-to-be firefighters and basketball players that wanted a steady career in finding bugs? If so, you probably were talking about a different kind of bug. But here you are, and it’s be pretty cool, right? This is the same thing Eric Jacobson was thinking about recently, and he explains how he wound up in this function. So what’s your story? Let us know on the Neotys blog!

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