Neotys Testing Roundup, March 2013 Issue 1

There’s a lot going on in the world of load and performance testing and it seems there’s more to keep up with every day. With that in mind in this issue we’ve collected some of the most interesting links from around the web to help you combat lame excuses for not having enough testers, communicate better, stay sane and, most importantly, do your job better!

1) Top 5 Lame Excuses for not Having Enough Testers/Testing

We all know load and performance testing is vital (don’t we?), but that still doesn’t stop companies from skipping this crucial step. To quote Chicago Software Performance & Automation Engineer and blogger, Suraj Sundarrajan, “You don’t build a bridge and say, ‘I have no idea how many cars it can hold, so let’s just see if it falls.’ Why would you do that in software?” Check out this article and find why some would “do that in software.” Have a good story of your own? Let us know the best excuse you’ve heard for not testing in the comments below.

2) Software Quality Assurance Testing Pros: Act Like a Journalist

Back in January our own Steve Weisfeldt discussed the issue of needing to improve testers’ relationships with developers; Steve even made some suggestions for developers. In this article, Thomas McCoy takes aim at testers and how they can better communicate to get through the challenging situations testers face every day, including how to deal with developers, project stakeholders, and more.

3) The Bipolar Life of a Software Tester

To bring a bit of levity to all this testing talk, this quick post by Eric Jacobson of cuts right to the quick on how everything in testing can be viewed from two different ways. “Caught an issue at the last minute? Great! Unless that means we’re going to have to delay launch… But isn’t it still cheaper to catch it now?” This can go on endlessly until you drive yourself mad. Why not read this and laugh it off instead? After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what can you laugh at? Can you relate? Let us know about your best story that almost made you worry you were going bipolar in the comments.

4) Testing Mobile Applications in the Wild With Scott Barber

Recognized worldwide as a thought-leader in software system performance and testing, Scott Barber describes himself as a “tester, author, speaker, disrupter and dad.” In this case, he’s putting on his tester and speaker hats to help you get a handle on how to manage the unique challenges posed by mobile testing: lots of devices, different networks, bandwidth, latency, and packet loss among them. Set aside some time in your day to check this out!

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