Neotys Testing Roundup, April 2013 Issue 5

There’s a lot going on in the world of load and performance testing and it seems there’s more to keep up with every day. With that in mind in this issue we’ve collected some of the most interesting links from around the web. This week’s Roundup focuses mostly only Testing’s interaction with, and value added to, the company that they’re a part of. What you need to do versus what your boss thinks he wants. Testing’s role in making the ship/no ship decision. Zombies at the office…and why it’s even worse than you’d think. And, finally, why many executives see testing as an “epic fail.” But, luckily, our author’s this week also tell you how to avoid the pitfalls in these situations and prove just how vital testing is to a healthy development organization. But first, a poll question inspired by Peter Morgan’s blog post you can read about below.

1) Management Myth 16: I Know How Long the Work Should Take

On its face, this article appears to be about estimating time on a development project. It’s important to testers, though, because of the emphasis put on testing as part of the Agile development process in this story. Even though it takes longer to write tests along with the code to make sure everything works, Johanna Rothman (@johannarothman) asserts that it’s necessary. It may be a quick allegory, but the essential role of testing in the development process can’t be missed.

2) If You Want to Really Know, Ask a Tester!

The post starts off with a good question, “Who should really know what is going on with the project and how the software works?” According to Peter Morgan, that would be the testers, who are, as he puts it, “the eyes and ears of the project.” He goes on to discuss the tester’s role in deciding whether the software is ready to ship, though, and comes to a possibly surprising conclusion: they should be listened to, but, if the decision was left solely to testers, the software may never ship. What do you think? Are testers inherently pessimistic and over-worriers?

3) The Testing Dead – Part 2

Zombies?! At your company?! Ben Kelly says they may be working in the next cube over, even. Luckily, he’s not talking about the “Walking Dead” style beasts but, rather, something potentially far more insidious. You’ll have to read part one to get the details on what exactly these zombies are because Part 2 raises some items that are perhaps even more interesting. Testing isn’t here to enforce unhelpful rules, be adversarial towards development and otherwise make life difficult…in other words, “zombie testing” isn’t what testing should be. Rather, testing is here to work with development, to reveal risks earlier than they’d otherwise find them. Really, testing is here to add value to the development process. Check out the article to read more about how.

4) Why Executives Often See Testing as an #EpicFail

How are testers like coffee? You’re going to have to listen to this talk by renowned testing expert, Scott Barber, from this week’s Software Test Professionals Conference. In it, he gives the 3 reasons why executives see testing as an “epic fail,” and gives some pretty good metaphors to illustrate the point. Among these metaphors and jokes, Scott makes some really good points that very well could help you and your team advance in your careers and better help your company, so definitely check this talk out. Want one more metaphor for the road? What do testing and going to the dentist have in common? No, it’s not the free toothbrush; you’ll have to listen to find out.

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