Neotys Testing Roundup, April 2013 Issue 2

There’s a lot going on in the world of load and performance testing and it seems there’s more to keep up with every day. With that in mind in this issue we’ve collected some of the most interesting links from around the web. This week we focus on some big questions and ideas in testing, hopefully bringing some clarity to this collection of curious concepts. Then, we wrap it all up with something concrete – a surprising technology announcement regarding one of the big boys in software.

1) What Is Testing? And Why Do We Care?

If you’re a tester (and, being that you’re reading this, you probably are in some capacity), you may look at this title and say, “I know what testing is…next article!” But hold up a minute, because this article goes beyond what you may expect based up this simple title. Amy Phillips (@ItJustBroke), explains how being a tester involves more than just executing tests. From planning, all the way up to understanding business goals and “making sure the system does the right thing.” Read the article, see what you think, then let us know in the comments below.

2) “-est” Testing

How do you figure out what your boundary cases are? For this author, the answer was to ask, “What’s the craziest thing that could happen?” Which led to the focus of this article – “-est” testing. Simple yet versatile, the author thinks he’s on to something. Is he? Check out the post, then share your opinions below. Is it innovative? Have you heard it before?

3) Misconceptions About Testing

Tester Huib Schoots (@huibschoots) starts out this post quite differently than the way he ends it, but the crux of it is about estimating testing. “Estimating the duration of a ‘testing project’ by counting ‘test cases’ or ‘test steps’ is not a smart thing to do,” he says. You can’t just run X number of test cases and call it a day, but rather, you have to give managers enough information to inform their decisions. So, again, we come back to a theme that we’ve seen over and over here in the Neotys Testing Roundup: understand the business needs of the application and know where the biggest risk factors are. It’s not about testing everything, but about testing the right things and providing the right information.

4) SPDY Support in IE 11

Remember a few weeks ago when we shared an article about how Facebook is working on bringing SPDY into the fold? Well it looks like another big kid is set to jump on the SPDY bus: Microsoft. According to Paul Thurrott (@thurrott), Internet Explorer 11 will include support for SPDY. What does this mean in the short term for you? Probably not that much. In the long term, though, it shows that companies of all sizes and types are really focusing on making their part of the web faster. Are you?

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