Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.7

NeoLoad 7.7 introduces new features to make analysis and reporting faster and easier, Single Sign-on (SSO) capability and native integration for Prometheus monitoring.

The highlights in a nutshell: Now you can generate standard performance reports “out of the box” directly from NeoLoad dashboards. The preconfigured reports are easily customizable, and data graphs can be exported as .csv files. For enhanced ease of use and greater security, logging in to NeoLoad SaaS login is now via Single Sign-on (SAML). Neoload now natively connects to your Prometheus monitoring system so you get all the relevant metrics you need for your performance analysis. And you can redefine existing Prometheus monitors with as-code variables to achieve a high-degree of automation.


What’s New in This Release?

  • Dashboard updates: The dashboard now includes preconfigured reports and report exports as .csv files. 
  • Prometheus monitoring: NeoLoad natively integrates with Prometheus monitoring for deep observability across the wide network of development and pre-production container clusters. 
  • Single Sign-on (SSO): The NeoLoad SaaS login is now configurable to use Single Sign-on. 
  • Feature enhancements: Enhancements to manage instances for Microsoft-family monitors, dynamic infrastructure improvements, pre-configured Neoload Python CLI examples for Bamboo CI and other API and controller enhancements also included in this release.   

Want to learn more?

Discover all of NeoLoad 7.7’s enhancements on our What’s New page or download the latest version and start testing today.

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