Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.6

NeoLoad 7.6 introduces new dashboard features, advanced updates to APIs and as-code capabilities, and enhanced search functionality.

Here are the highlights: We’ve made NeoLoad dashboards more powerful and flexible. Our APIs are now more extensible so you can integrate chaos testing campaigns, export raw data to a third-party system, manage your workspaces more systematically and stop a test from within a virtual user path. As-code validation capabilities have been enhanced, and we’ve introduced advanced settings for as-code scenarios. We added more search functionality so you can get to test results faster. And more.


What’s New in This Release?

  • Dashboard – New analysis and graph capabilities have been added to the dashboard. You are now able to analyze and share tables and text-editable comment fields, as well as export graphs in PNG format.
  • APIs – The NeoLoad REST and JavaScript APIs have several new capabilities.  You can now declare external events that will appear in Neoload Web test results values; extract raw data from Neoload Web; programmatically create, update and delete workspaces; and use the JavaScript API to stop a test if a virtual user experiences an issue during the test.
  • As Code – Test as code now includes additional advanced features like assertions and custom load policy, and new capabilities to guarantee that the test is running as expected.
  • Test Search – Tests can be searched by name in the advanced search window on the dashboard. Access to test results is now even faster.
  • Feature enhancements are also included in this release.

Want to learn more?

Discover all of NeoLoad 7.6’s enhancements on our What’s New page or download the latest version and start testing today.

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