NeoLoad Tutorial Series: Using Custom Advanced Actions

As part of our ongoing effort to share the full breadth of NeoLoad’s capabilities, particularly, as the product continues to evolve, Neotys will be publishing a series of tutorials, that will be delivered with each new release of NeoLoad, and focused on load testing & performance testing.

With this ongoing educative approach, Neotys hopes to present these “how-to” tutorials – accessed either in the NeoLoad Documentation online or directly from the NeoLoad GUI in the NeoLoad User Documentation. The first of these tutorials were delivered with NeoLoad 6.3:  “How to extend NeoLoad capacities using Custom Advanced Actions.”

Putting NeoLoad’s Custom Advanced Actions to Work

  • Tailor the platform to whatever application(s) you wish to test – Using NeoLoad Logical actions, JavaScript, or NeoLoad Advanced Actions API
  • Extend NeoLoad’s load testing capability – Reproduce communication with the application under test using non-native/custom protocols
  • Extend NeoLoad’s monitoring capability (retrieval of monitoring data from a third-party)

For those unfamiliar with Advanced Actions, they extend the behavior of a User Path. While NeoLoad includes several examples of these, Neotys Labs provides other Advanced Actions as-is or as a starting point for customization.

Explore this Topic

For more information, take a look at: “Custom action API: Create a Custom action.”

Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version of NeoLoad and start testing today.

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