NeoLoad & Parasoft Enable “Shift left” Load & Performance Testing

[By Henrik Rexed]

I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen blog posts or whitepapers pushing this idea of testing as early as possible. It makes a lot of sense, especially in a DevOps environment, which requires faster delivery. Of course, earlier testing is possible in an API driven architecture like microservices.

Like any practitioner, I started to implement the approach by adding performance testing into the pipeline of each of my microservices. My plan was going in the right direction because I added the quality gates to the simple components, and by simple, I mean there are no dependencies with other parts of my architecture.

In this perfect environment, testing earlier allowed the project to detect performance issues by running the same test after each build. We were now able to detect regressions related response times, errors, on hardware consumption.

How can I go further by testing the more complex components? Service virtualization is the secret sauce resulting in the tastiest pipelines on our major components.
Today, there are plenty of service virtualization products available in the market, including both open source and commercial software, but we needed a solution that would support the load! We never intended to use those products during simple, functional automation (when only a few concurrent users are required). We had to find the solution that wouldn’t be the bottleneck of our tests.

neolad parasoft integration

After a comprehensive evaluation, we choose Parasoft for its various product support, including Virtualize, Continuous Testing Platform. In the product, you can configure a proxy, used by your application, to improve application performance. Depending upon your needs, you can enable/disable while defining the service virtualization with complete ease.

The incredible thing is the ability to define a performance model and how the service might behave under various circumstances. Besides this, it also helps to measure the impact of a slower service on our components. From this context, Parasoft and Neotys collaborate by assisting each other with testing faster, earlier, and better.

Where Parasoft can provide innovative solutions to organizations testing various integrations, when incorporated with NeoLoad, they offer a combined fool-proof solution. This will help test engineers test faster with better efficiency even for complex applications.

We completed the load testing using the combined solution, which sprinkles in the virtualized services to the system landscape. We were able to use the combination in various other stages across the software delivery chain as well. It’s able to start executing the functional testing from the UI by mocking all the components that weren’t ready at that stage — helping our QA team to begin testing earlier so that UI functional issue discovery is a recurring reality. With its Environment Manager, Parasoft’s technology also enables us to alter the conditions on how virtual services behave.

The Parasoft Virtualize/NeoLoad integration will help performance engineers control the constraints of the simulation during the test, measuring the behavior of the application under strong latency, reporting the context of the emulation within the performance testing report.

If you want to know more about this integration, don’t miss our latest joint webinar: How NeoLoad & Parasoft enable “Shift Left”

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