NeoLoad Fuels Continuous Integration Practice at PrismHR

It’s the beginning of a new year. For us employees, aside from solidifying 2018 sales or marketing plans, it likely includes last-minute payroll or human resource adjustments to ensure our profiles are current.

Technology Drives Innovation & Sophistication

No doubt, a company like PrismHR, the largest payroll, benefits, and HR software platform in their space, is likely on the receiving end of your company’s update process.

As a cutting-edge software provider, it wasn’t that long ago that PrismHR was fairly new to the performance and load testing practice. Fact, when PrismHR first partnered with NeoLoad, they were only testing against single parts of their product – a process that worked for them in the beginning but has evolved into something more sophisticated.

Since those early days, PrismHR has expanded NeoLoad’s workload to include architectural (OS, Middleware, third-party tool updates) and software changes before release into production. The team now feels a great sense of confidence both in the process as well as with their ability to re-test “typical” scenarios whether updates are being made to components or the whole product itself.

Delivering Real, Positive User Experiences

Primary to the end-users experience is the data that PrismHR has been able to collect and monitor. With the ability to measure system resource consumption and speed, it feels strongly that it has the pieces in place to evaluate and continually improve end-user experiences. “Having this new data made us think about all of our systems. We had tools for monitoring at the system level but needed a way to measure product speed at the user level. With NeoLoad, we can evaluate the end-user experience,” says Andrew Peace, Software Integration Manager at PrismHR.

Continuous Integration: What’s Next with NeoLoad?

Andy’s team looks forward to assimilating NeoLoad into its Continuous Integration (CI) toolchain – running load tests as part of their daily build process. “This will allow us to uncover performance issues earlier when it’s easier and less costly to fix as well as push us toward putting test automation to work for us,” states Peace confidently.

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For the full story of PrismHR’s evolution of NeoLoad, read the case study. Or, to start testing with NeoLoad yourself, click here.

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