NeoLoad 6.9 – Performance Test APIs to Full Applications

The Neotys team continues working hard to release new functionality often to make it easier to performance test everything from APIs to full applications. The 6.9 release marks improvements in our test as code feature set, new Worksoft integration, and the highly demanded resource reservation feature.

What’s New in the NeoLoad 6.9 Release?

  • Resource Reservation  Reserve load testing infrastructure and virtual users by date and duration to guarantee resources are dedicated for testing.
  • Worksoft Integration Reuse and convert functional test scripts as performance test scripts.
  • SLAs as Code  Define and use SLAs from code to automate pass/fail settings based on expected behaviors.
  • Load Generator Availability Status  See the availability status of load generators during the process of setting up a test.

Learn More

Join us on Thursday, March 21, 11:00 am EST to see first-hand what NeoLoad 6.9 can do for you!

See What’s New in NeoLoad 6.9 or download the latest version and start testing today.

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