NeoLoad 6.8 – Automated Performance Testing for the Bimodal IT Enterprise

NeoLoad continues to build support for the enterprise bimodal IT organizations who develop and test applications with two separate styles of work:

  1. Waterfall development for existing application maintenance and internal business operations
  2. Agile development for digital innovations

NeoLoad covers the range of application and API testing needs and optimizes performance testing within both development methodologies.

What’s New in the NeoLoad 6.8 Release?

  • Tricentis Tosca Integration – Convert SAP GUI functional test assets into performance tests
  • Data Exchange API – Consume functional, APM and performance testing data in one view in NeoLoad Web
  • Test Design as Code – Design performance tests as code using YAML and embed performance testing into CI pipelines
  • GIT Enhanced Integration – Now branch and tag performance tests in GIT
  • Webhooks Enhanced Support – Test IDs are now provided as variables for the webhook payload

Learn More

Join us on Thursday, January 17th, 11:00 am EST to see first-hand what NeoLoad 6.8 can do for you!

Discover all of NeoLoad 6.8’s enhancements on our What’s New and Technical Features pages, or download the latest version and start testing today.

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