Mobile Testing Articles You Can Read in Just 2-minutes – Neotys Testing Roundup

There is no hiding the fact mobile app development is a booming industry with a forecast to hit $25 billion at the beginning of 2014. With the amount of apps on the market, the competition is getting fiercer and the consumers are getting pickier.

Here are four articles we have found that illustrate the importance of mobile app testing:

  1. 10 Mistakes Mobile App Testing Can Help You Avoid

    Jamie Saine from Mobile App Testing Blog breaks down a list of 10 mistakes mobile app testing can help you avoid.

    Here are just a few:

    1. User Interface Inconsistency
    2. Privacy policy omission
    3. Network connectivity

    A good QA can avoid all of these mistakes but many of these issues would show up in different testing situations like usability testing, security testing or localization testing. However, all of these mistakes are extremely important to consider and understand how to avoid them when your app is on the line.

  2. The Never-Ending Mobile Testing Mentality

    With 50% of consumers ready to delete mobile apps because of one bug, it’s no wonder the mobile commerce industry has adopted the concept of “test and learn”. In this post, MobileShopTalk gives a brief overview of the MediaPost Mobile Insider Summit and how companies like Quiznos and Diamond Foods are constantly testing their apps in small experiments.

    Tim Kraus, director, digital marketing at Quiznos described he called the never-ending mobile test, “You need a testing mentality”, said Kraus.

    Do you have a testing mentality?

  3. How Mobile is Changing Software Testing

    The article covers the four major changes mobile has forced upon the traditions of software development. Including the new 1:1 dev-to-tester ratio rule where there is one tester for every developer on a project. Which came about largely to the complexities of mobile testing.

    Quality assurance pros must take into account the multiple devices, mobile operating systems and versions of those operating systems – as well as connectivity conditions that vary widely, depending on the mobile user’s location”, notes Ojas Rege, vice president of strategy at MobilIron.

  4. Why Mobile Testing is So Important: A Report from Mobile World Congress

    The report found only 31% of organizations surveyed currently have formal processes in place to test their mobile educations. Which is okay, but not the greatest.

    Fernando Alvarez, the vice president of Capgemini’s Mobile Solutions practice, tells us this:

    “Get [mobile strategies] wrong and enterprises could at best frustrate users and at worst lose substantial amounts of customers and money.”

    “The harsh reality is that the diversity and choice that make mobile products and services so attractive can just as easily trip up companies if they do not carefully apply quality assurance and testing to applications right from the early stages of deployment.”

    The key takeaway from this report is if you are developing mobile apps you must be testing to prevent losing customers and money.

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