Mobile App Testing Questions and Answers – Neotys Testing Roundup

In order to be successful at mobile app testing, testers need to be up to date with the latest in the mobile world. We have gathered four articles looking at what’s happening in the mobile application environment today and how to approach testing from a tester’s perspective.

1. Testing Mobile Applications

Mobile application testing basically includes the normal testing types used for any other application and few things which are specific to the mobile environment. Additionally, the type of application would demand specific testing treatment. For e.g. a gaming application would be tested differently than a banking application. Still, following 13 testing types apply more or less to most of the applications listed in this article.

Read on to learn more about functional testing, platform testing, multi-device testing and more.

2. Mobile App Testing: Questions and Answers

Mobile apps are on the rise. In fact, native apps now account for more internet usage than PCs. With this news, it might be a good time for a brand (or even a lone developer) to start asking themselves some important questions when it comes to mobile quality and their mobile strategy in general.

Many of those questions can be found on Quora – by far the best Q&A site on the web. We went through and extracted a few that you’ll definitely want to check out. Here are a few good ones we found:

  1. What are the best-designed mobile apps?
  2. What should the monetization plan be for a free mobile app?
  3. Should I start on Android or iOS for a mobile app?

3. All About Mobile App Testing: 16 Articles

This month’s edition of Testing Experience magazine is dedicated entirely to mobile app testing! Here’s a rundown of some of the articles:

Mobile App Performance – How to Ensure High-Quality Experiences

All about real world performance and user expectations, this article covers user’s “need for speed,” the importance of capturing real world data, the business impact of poor performance, how to deal with third party integrations and some helpful tips for making your mobile app as fast as possible.

Roadblocks and their workaround while testing mobile applications

This article breaks down the challenges of mobile apps and testing into six easy-to-understand categories: Environment challenges and Application challenges, User’s challenges, Device challenges, Network challenges, Automation challenges. It shows a nice understanding of dealing with the mobile testing matrix.

Main issues in mobile app testing

This article lists the major mobile testing issues as: User experience; Coverage of available mobile hardware; Connectivity; Security. It also briefly covers integrating the testing methods in the article with agile dev.

4. Testing Mobile Apps: Tips on Manual, Automated, Cloud Q&A

Mobile application users don’t want to fuss with getting fixes for faulty or slow applications. Instead, they delete and upload a replacement app. Obviously, this common practice in personal use would wreak havoc in enterprise mobile application deployments, which puts software test and quality assurance directors on the spot, according to Eran Kinsbruner, director of product strategy at Perfecto Mobile, a software test ISV.

“The tolerance of the users is way lower than in the desktop era,” said Kinsbruner. “The end-users who adopts mobile applications have high expectations with regards to quality, usability and, most importantly, performance.”

In this Q&A, he discusses trends in mobile application development, such as testing, when manual testing is needed, cloud providers’ mobile test responsibilities and more.

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