Jenkins World 2018 Retrospective

In September, we sponsored and participated at Jenkins World, San Francisco. We were also fortunate to be on Infostretch’s shortlist of attendee interviews during the show. Here’s a summary of the takeaways from the conversation.

  • The brick-and-mortar effect. While some businesses have experienced the passing of a physical presence, those companies who still stand have the luxury of using the confluence of the two worlds – the physical and digital do so with the objective of doing it better than everybody else
  • Bite-sized software delivery is best. When you release with smaller, more frequent updates, feedback is critical to help identify load and performance issues
  • Rely on automation by default, not manual. A good load testing tool (like ours) enables automation when the user sees fit now and in the future
  • AI is more than a buzzword. Artificial Intelligence needs the right use case. For instance, prod or pre-prod information can be used to optimize test coverage strategy
  • If you can, put it in a container. Packaged software as standardized units for development and deployment not only enable the confidence that they will work uniformly despite differences, they are easier to support.

Also, check out Performance Engineers, Henrik Rexed’s and Paul Bruce’s review of how we approach and solve some of today’s challenges associated with the realities of digital transformation, DevOps, and the impact of performance on the business’s bottom line.

Learn More

  • See Paul Bruce’s infostretch interview here.
  • For the video review of the Neotys slides presented during Jenkins World (“Progressive Performance Testing in Every Pipeline”), click here.

Discover more load testing and performance testing content on the Neotys Resources pages, or download the latest version of NeoLoad and start testing today.

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