Is There a Future in Manual Testing? – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Is There a Future in Manual Testing?

Well, that’s ultimately for you to decide. As with any heated debate, there are proponents of both sides of the argument. Those who assert that there is, in fact, a future in manual testing cite the everlasting importance of “good old-fashioned critical thinking, asking the right questions and looking at what’s NOT specified.”

Simple Programmer founder John Sonmez, on the other hand, strongly denounces any future in manual testing in a video posted .

Many commenters have a lot to say about the issue; what’s your take?

2. Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in Agile Environments

An increasingly popular development method for agile teams, Acceptance Test Driven Development, though closely related to Test Driven Development, differs with its highly collaborative approach. In ATDD, customer-facing team members help to provide end user stories to the development/testing team. These stories become Acceptance Tests that guide the development process.

This article discusses three main reasons why ATDD is ideal in an agile environment. Take a look!

3. Eight Simple Ways to Improve Distributed QA Teams

One potential downside of distributed QA teams: confusion or frustrating testing processes (especially if more than one version of test case suites are distributed among team members). That’s why we place such a large importance on facilitating collaboration between testing teams.

Moreover, geographically distributed QA teams and the challenges that they face are a common and ongoing topic in the software development world. In this article, Kevin Wilson focuses attention on eight simple solutions that can help maximize the effectiveness of your distributed QA team.

Read the full article here.

4. What’s the State of Testing in 2015?

Testers, this one’s for you.

“We all want to understand more about our testing community. And this is why we ran the first State of Testing Survey, a year ago. In that survey we asked our fellow testers about their jobs, their challenges and what they thought about their professional future,” states the survey introduction.

This survey will undoubtedly provide immense value for software testers worldwide. So why not take a stab at it? You can complete the survey here.

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