If Cars Crashed Like Software – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Perhaps They Should Have Tested More – Audi

Worried about the relationship between system crashes and software problems? This will put that idea in a whole new light. This is a story about faulty airbags – but not the shrapnel-shooting airbag design by Takata. These airbags are faulty due to software bugs.

So if you own an Audi A4, Avant or Allroad vehicle, you might want to contact your dealer. A software problem may prevent your front airbags from deploying in a crash.

Check out details here.

2. Testing Is…

“Every now and again, someone makes some statement about testing that I find highly questionable or indefensible, whereupon I might ask them what testing means to them. All too often, they’re at a loss to reply because they haven’t really thought deeply about the matter; or because they haven’t internalized what they’ve thought about; or because they’re unwilling to commit to any statement about testing. And then they say something vague or non-committal like “it depends” or “different things to different people” or “that’s a matter of context”, without suggesting relevant dependencies, people, or context factors.”

Here’s a tweetable article from DevelopSense that tries to get to the bottom of exactly what testing is. For example:

  • Testing is—among other things—reviewing the product and ideas and descriptions of it, looking for significant and relevant inconsistencies.
  • Testing is—among other things—experimenting with the product to find out how it may be having problems—which is not “breaking the product”.
  • Testing is—among other things—something that informs quality assurance, but is not in and of itself quality assurance.

There’s a bunch more where that came from.

3. Load testing result analysis- please help understand a few keywords

Do you remember when you first started testing? Some of the terminology and concepts can be a little confusing for a newbie.

So why don’t you give back and help a new tester who’d like to understand what’s meant by:

  • Response time distribution (y axis shows “percentage of requests”)
  • response time percentiles over time
  • what is latency
  • latency percentiles over time
  • what is RPS
  • latency against RPS
  • response time against global RPS

Visit this discussion and share your thoughts.

4. How To Create Effective Adverts For Recruiting Software Testers

When recruiting software testers many hiring managers often look for the impossible candidate who can do everything.

These people don’t exist yet many hiring managers continue to place job adverts that seek out these candidates. A typical job description may require that prospective recruits are able to find all bugs, know all coding languages and technologies, have all test qualifications, and master automation.

Kind of unreasonable, don’t you think? Well if you’d like to break the cycle, check out this post about five ways that will help you to create effective adverts for recruiting software testers.

Here’s the article.

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