How to Test a Spoon – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. How to Test a Spoon

Though at first this question may sound completely ridiculous, software tester and author Daniel Knott asserts that it is, in fact, a brilliant software testing question. His post discusses why, then goes on to list several brilliant answers to the question, which was ultimately designed to evaluate the reaction and thinking process of a respondent.

If you’re looking for a job in the software testing world, you should probably read this post. Daniel mentions that he will be asking this question in one of his next software testing interviews (and others may follow) – so study up.

Check out the full article here.

2. Today and Tomorrow: Mobile’s Impact on Development and Testing: An Interview with James Montemagno

James Montemagno perfectly summarizes the demand for mobile testing when he states:

“But you have these real pressures as a mobile developer, which is, you have these users that have extremely short sessions so they expect their applications in under three seconds.
They want it to be extremely responsive, as fast as possible, and then they expect updates. Rapid updates.”

In this interview, James talks about mobile’s overall impact on development and testing. He points out some interesting facts and figures about the growth of mobile devices, as well as our current situation when it comes to the evolution of Internet of Things device.

You can listen to or read his complete interview here.

3. Mobile Tester and Developer Working Together

*Insert cliché about two heads being better than one here*

Beautiful things happen when testers and developers closely collaborate on software projects. In this case, a tester and developer worked together to improve a heart monitor’s software. Throughout this experience, the two were not only able to identify bugs, but they were also able to discuss design, decipher the complex architecture of the system and work out ideas on how to enhance the user experience of a mobile heart monitor.

Watch the video in which the two discuss their cooperative experience here.

4. Discussion: What is the “right amount of testing?”

This poster to the Software Quality Assurance & Testing Forum prefaces his question with the following:

“When SCRUM teams develop components individually, components which will be integrated to form a solution, my understanding is that there are 3 levels of testing.

  • Unit testing: Test how the programmer sees the system
  • Component testing: Test how user sees this component. So mock all its dependencies.
  • Integration testing: Test how the user sees this solution with all the integrated components”

His question: Is this a valid separation of testing concerns?

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