Every Tester is a Performance Tester – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Every Tester is a Performance Tester

“Let performance testing take care of it.”

If you’ve ever overlooked certain application issues with this phrase in mind, then author Oliver Erlewein can relate. While deadlines and calls for speedier application development may also play a role in your decision to ignore such issues, Erlewein makes the case for addressing these problems in order to help the project as a whole and thereby yourself.

Even though other testers may not have a performance tester’s know-how, Erlewein is out to prove that any tester can contribute to the performance testing of an application.

He provides a list of areas from which performance issues often arise and encourages all testers to keep these in mind throughout the testing process. Ultimately, achieving an understanding of typical performance problem areas will allow you to address issues early on and deliver a better product as a result. Read on…

2. Five Misconceptions about Test Automation

The entire industry is abuzz over test automation with its advantages and disadvantages being touted across the Web. Now Hans Buwalda, an internationally recognized expert in test development and testing technology management, is giving his two cents via TechWell.

Before diving into his list of test automation misconceptions, Buwalda explains that when he talks about automation, he usually means functional testing through the UI.

Read the full article here and learn why misconceptions like, “Good automated testing is automating good manual tests,” and “Keywords will solve all your test automation problems,” are only that.

3. 40+ Super Useful Chrome Extensions for Software Testing

While both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are widely used in the software testing community, Chrome comes out on top due to its plethora of available extensions designed to make testers’ lives a bit easier.

In this post, which author Amandeep Singh cites as the most comprehensive list of Chrome extensions ever compiled for software testers, you’ll find tools that help with everything from exploratory testing to emulating different screen sizes. Check out the full list here and bookmark it for future reference! If you have any additions to the list, be sure to share them in the comment section as well.

4. Why Cross Browser Testing is Important

In a tester’s perfect world, everyone would access a web or mobile application from the same place, on the same device, using the same browser. Ah, what a world that would be! Unfortunately for testing teams, this scenario isn’t realistic. People utilize a number of different devices and browsers to access applications, and you’ll need to account for these variations in your testing.

While the title of this article may seem specific to browser testing, author Rahul Jain explains that, “in reality it is a combination of browsers, platforms, OS and devices, which is needed.”

He goes on to discuss widely-used browsers, mobile platforms and cross browser testing tools. If your organization has yet to adopt a solid strategy for cross browser testing, check out this Software Testing News article for more information on why it should.

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