Why Enterprises Look for Professional Load Testing Tools

Not all load testing tools are created equally, even if they provide the same type of service and belong to the same product category. And, not all products accommodate the enterprise-grade solution required to ensure these applications will be fast and reliable when deployed into production, for each new release. Organizations whose business is supported by critical applications need professional load testing tools and solutions. What are companies including in their evaluation criteria?

Load Testing Tool Requirements

  • Supports all technologies (legacy and current) used to develop applications
  • Simulates realistic user behavior, especially under the most complex scenarios
  • Scales load tests
  • Enables continuous testing
  • Integrates with the continuous delivery pipeline

CSS Insurance, a leading health insurance company in Switzerland has selected NeoLoad because it was able to meet their enterprise-grade requirements, supporting the complex performance testing requirements of their critical applications such as Java/Hessian-based CRM system, CSS Customer portal, and invoicing system.

Frank Lepper, Test Engineer at CSS Insurance comments “NeoLoad proved to be the only solution matching all our testing requirements, including the complex scenarios. With NeoLoad we can run and maintain 30+ Testcases on a regular base with 1 FTE.”

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For the full story of CSS Insurance’s evolution of NeoLoad, read the case study. Or, to start testing with NeoLoad yourself, click here.

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