The More the Merrier: Crowdsourced Testing – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. The More The Merrier: Crowdsourced Testing

In the simplest form crowdsourcing is a group of people working together in order to achieve a common goal. That does not sound too different from any other team or group of men working at a project. So where’d all the fuss come from?

Well the fuss actually is situated around the ability of handling a project of colossal size while using a team that is larger than usual in a shorter period of time. One more advantage (the biggest, perhaps) of crowdsourcing is that a project’s cost is reduced.

So, basically, crowd testing is when a lot of people are testing the same software. The only differences to the more standard approach are scalability and variety of available resources. With the availability of modern technology there is pretty much no difference in whether you are communicating with one or two workers or a hundred via the internet.

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2. Software Testing Exercises

No matter, who you are – a senior quality manager or a fresher who has just joined the software testing industry, everyone wants (or I would say, loves) to work on exercises, to keep our brain working.

With that, if you get to communicate with fellow testers and if you get a platform to share ideas too, would there be anything greater than that?

With these Software Testing Exercises you are able to test your analytical capabilities and thinking power. To take some software testing exercises, click here.

3. The Hybrid Takeover and What This Means for Mobile Testing

In November of 2012, Gartner predicted that by the year 2016 over half of all deployed mobile apps will be hybrid. Rapid progress in technology today is pushing enterprises to become more flexible in their application development, proving Gartner quite correct.

Hybrid apps combine the best of native and web apps and are;

  • Transcribed using web-based code – no need to change the code for each OS
  • Runs on the device itself
  • Capable of accessing native APIs
  • Downloaded from AppStores

Ramifications for Enterprises wanting to Test Apps

When it comes to testing mobile application tools that exclusively test native or web apps are in trouble if they come across an app combines features of both. For enterprises that are looking to move with the times, a tool that is capable of testing hybrid applications is an absolute must. For the ultimate app testing experience, a tool that supports complex identification is a huge plus… but that’s a subject for another day.

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4. What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Software Testing: Part 2

Suppose you are testing a photo organizing application and you see an older user, a retiree, try to email some photos. The photos just stay in the out tray. The user has no way to diagnose or otherwise resolve the situation. Of course, this is confusing and frustrating.

It’s likely when a device attached to some software stops responding, the user may have a similar reaction. As a tester you could increase the priority of testing the compatibility with a wide range of devices or you could make sure when there is no response or the software is repeatedly stuck, you look at the various options provided to the user to diagnose the problem or get more help, such as a technical article or a link to an online forum.

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