Costco’s Outage Reinforces Value of Performance Testing as Black Friday Success Metric

If you weren’t affected, by now, you’ve probably read about the Costo crash on Thanksgiving. And maybe you were equally unlucky as a Disney+ subscriber to be among the 10M who experienced an outage on the newest player in the video-on-demand streaming space.

Experts suggest that Costco’s 16+ hour blackout translated to $11M in lost sales leading up to Black Friday. While the big-box retailer opted for online vs. physical presence on Thanksgiving Day, the outage started even before the airing of the annual holiday morning parade.

As a former retail marketer, I remember the issues, apologies, and the obligation to rebuild brand confidence with every stroke. I don’t miss working on weekends and holidays. Online retail doesn’t take PTO, and no one expects technology to do so either, but it happens.

Last year, we took a look back at’s crash of 2013 – a five review of lessons learned. Not unlike that perspective, the goal of this post is to reinforce the value of learning from mistakes, and how software development practice optimization can help mitigate future risk.

Downtime is unacceptable and potentially the difference between a black and a red Friday. This is why most companies, mainly those who’ve had to learn the hard way, conduct regular capacity planning. This rainy day preparation helps you confirm whether your application can handle the number/nature of requests during peak times like Thanksgiving weekend.

The cost of downtime can be avoided. If you’re not a NeoLoad user, take a look.

Your Tool Doesn’t Have to Take a Big Bite out of the Budget

  • Lower Up-Front Costs – The cost of a NeoLoad license is significantly lower than you will pay for license costs for legacy tools like LoadRunner. It’s intuitive to use, so it’s easier and faster to get testers up to speed with NeoLoad – with a much quicker learning curve than many other load testing tools.
  • Lower Operating Costs – The ongoing savings and efficiency gains due to NeoLoad’s efficient design and visual programming features result in significant cost savings as it is designed by Performance Engineers to be easy to use and speed up testing workflows.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – NeoLoad’s automatic script update capabilities, along with other advanced features, can significantly speed up the script maintenance process. This means lower labor costs for script maintenance with NeoLoad.

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