Continuous Quality – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Continuous Quality: What DevOps Means for QA

From Continuous Integration to Continuous Quality.

Here’s a great slide show about the impact that DevOps has on QA. The author is Jeff Sussna, a long-time consultant who helps lots of organizations pull their Development, QA, and Operations teams closer together.

Jeff talks about creating a service delivery machine, and how teams need to build quality into the system. Testers move from being bug-finders to being quality advocates. Testing happens all the time, and QA acts as a mirror to the organization.

Learn more here.

2. Using Test Output to Start a Conversation

How many of us have worked on an Agile project that follows the manifesto to a large degree? Or would your experience of Agile be nearer to a hybrid mix with Waterfall?

For the author of this blog post, Iain Bright, it’s the latter. The last project Iain worked on started off on an iterative based Waterfall approach. This moved, almost overnight, to being ‘Agile’ which in practice meant they were still working to a fixed deadline but aiming to deliver working functionality in fortnightly sprints. The challenge for Iain was to overcome the hangover of the ‘them and us’ mentality between the development and test teams, which at times presented challenges. To try and overcome this Iain started a conversation with them and other scrum team members by sharing the testing output from preparation and execution.

Check out what happened next.

3. DevOps and Outsourcing: Are We Ready For This? – A View From Both Sides

Most large organisations work with system integrators, but is anyone talking about how the DevOps journey needs to include them?

With this blog post, the author wants to start that conversation and let you in on his world, because he thinks this is an important discussion if we want DevOps to become the new normal, the “traditional”…

Read the full post to learn more about how to get SIs and DevOps working together.

4. Opposite Views of a Product Roadmap

Your product roadmap is a view of what you are building right now, in the near future, and in the more distant future. Or is your roadmap a view of why you are building whatever you’re building right now, in the near future, and in the more distant future?

Your roadmap is both – but one is more important than the other – and product managers need to be able to view the roadmap both ways.

Depending on your role in your organization you will be biased towards viewing your roadmap either as a view of what the team will be building into your product, or a view of why the team will be building things into your product. As a product manager, it is imperative that you can view it both ways.

Read more navigating the nuances of the product roadmap.

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