Collaboration Changes the Way Testers Think – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. How Collaboration Changes the Way Testers Think

When it comes to software testing, sometime there’s nothing better than learning from others’ experiences. In this article, tester Lisa Crispin walks readers through her professional journey and explains how collaboration has helped her grow.

She mentions that it can be easy for testers to get into the mindset that they are the “Quality Police” solely in charge of when a product gets released. But when you share responsibility, ask questions, and talk to developers, customers, and stakeholders, you can really expand as a tester.

Check out her thorough write-up here.

2. Gamification and Software Testing

Author Nicola Sedgwick opens this post up with her definition of gamification:

“Gamification is the act of applying game like characteristics to a non-game situation in order to increase ‘user’ interaction.”

The rest of her article focuses on the value of using gamification techniques in the correct context with focus on a finite testing scope using engaged volunteers. She also includes several tips to help you jumpstart your own gamification strategy.

I’m not saying ‘anyone can test’ but I am saying, ‘anyone can help with testing’ and ‘anyone who helps with testing gains a greater understanding of, and respect for, what testers do,’” she writes.

To learn more about gamification, read her complete article here.

3. Agile and Scrum Methodologies from a Testing/QA Perspective

Agile software development is already beyond the innovation stage and rapidly moving through an early adoption stage. Have you noticed agile and Scrum being mentioned “everywhere” you look?

This write-up describes key agile/Scrum concepts, the different phases of an agile project managed using Scrum, and the top three things that you should expect as a QA engineer/tester professional. If your organization is looking at agile/Scrum, or you want to keep up-to-date on industry trends, read on.

4. Test Strategy Checklist

Whether you’ve compiled your own checklist or simply keep all that testing information in your head, it’s always nice to have a process. Tester Rikard Edgren took it upon himself to create a test strategy checklist that he hopes inspires your own.

He personally uses this list to make sure he’s thought about the most important aspects of his test strategy and to draw out more information when he reviews/discusses others’ test strategies.

Download his checklist here!

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