Webinar Review: Don’t Let Your Cloud Migration Cloud Performance

During Q4 2017, Gartner forecasted that Worldwide Public Cloud Services Revenue would total USD 260 billion ($260 bn) in 2017 and estimated that attainment up to USD 411 billion ($411 bn) by 2020. Q3 2017 data from Synergy Research Group indicated that the cloud market continues to grow by over 40% per year with Cloud Migration, and AWS’s domination of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service market continues unabated.

Businesses continue to rely on the cloud to keep pace with the speed of innovation. Why wouldn’t they? It has revolutionized load testing: decreasing infrastructure spend associated with up-front test environment costs replacing with a pay-as-you-go model, elimination of time-consuming test environment set up, promotion of a collaborative environment via on-demand nature, and the ability to conduct efficient and realistic large-scale tests.

The key to load testing in the cloud is understanding how to apply the right tools and practices such that you achieve a balance between cloud-based and complementary on-premises load testing practices.

See the Webinar about Cloud Migration

We recently delivered a webinar in partnership with TechWell, aimed at providing some considerations for organizations migrating apps to cloud-based services like AWS and Azure: “Don’t Let Your Cloud Migration Cloud Your Performance.”

Despite the prominence of public cloud services, when prompted with “What kinds of clouds do your apps use?” a surprising majority (56%) of our attendees cited the use of a public and private cloud mix as compared to ALL public or private. Where does your organization stand on this?

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