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Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.8

With NeoLoad 7.8 now you can edit test scenarios directly from the NeoLoad Web Platform and visualize on your dashboards real-time metrics captured throughout the test from dynamic Microsoft and Prometheus monitors. And sharing results is even easier with one-click export of any dashboard ...Read More

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.7

NeoLoad 7.7 introduces new features to make analysis and reporting faster and easier, Single Sign-on (SSO) capability and native integration for Prometheus monitoring. The highlights in a nutshell: Now you can generate standard performance reports “out of the box” directly from NeoLoad dashboards. The ...Read More

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.6

NeoLoad 7.6 introduces new dashboard features, advanced updates to APIs and as-code capabilities, and enhanced search functionality. Here are the highlights: We’ve made NeoLoad dashboards more powerful and flexible. Our APIs are now more extensible so you can integrate chaos testing campaigns, export raw data ...Read More

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.5

NeoLoad 7.5 unveils new Workspace feature set and enhanced integrations with Dynatrace and Tricentis Tosca. What’s New in this Release? Workspaces – Workspaces enable administrators to assign users into teams who can then separate assets such as tests, test results and webhooks in one ...Read More

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.4

NeoLoad’s automation capabilities just got better. Neotys released a Python based Command Line Interface. The CLI can be combined with NeoLoad’s performance testing as-code capabilities in any of your automation environments. Neotys adds Google GKE to the list of supported dynamic infrastructure orchestrators for ...Read More

Neotys Announces NeoLoad 7.3

NeoLoad 7.3  delivers NeoLoad’s dynamic infrastructure with Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, and Microsoft AKS.  NeoLoad provides testers and developers automatic test design and maintenance, the most realistic simulation of user behavior, fast root cause analysis and built-in integrations with the entire SDLC toolchain. Automate performance ...Read More