Can Metrics Improve Agile Testing? – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Can Metrics Improve Agile Testing? Measure, Analyse, Adjust

Yes, if you start measuring right now!

But let’s take a step back. Before you jump right in to measuring and collecting data, there are some things you should know:

  • Why collecting metrics is helpful
  • Which metrics should be gathered during a sprint
  • The easiest way to gather metrics during a sprint
  • How metrics can help improve testing

This article from tester Nicolaj Schweitz takes a deep dive into each of these points and is well worth the read! If you’d like to learn how you and your team can benefit from collected metrics, read on!

2. Pair Testing – A Best Practice to Enhance Accessibility Test Coverage

On the hunt for new techniques to make your testing more productive and efficient? Of course you are, as are all phenomenal testers. Author Sunil Dangwal suggests pair testing. Though this technique isn’t as widespread as others used for accessibility testing, Dangwal notes that this best practice has been working successfully for his team over the past few years.

So what exactly is pair testing? Used to test accessibility, pair testing is as simple as having the disabled test engineer pair his test efforts and work with an accessibility test expert.

This article discusses the concept in detail and provides specific examples of where pairing is a great way to thoroughly test for issues. Read more…

3. How to Become a Better Performance Tester 101

Regardless of the profession, one of many people’s biggest fears is becoming stagnant at work—never improving, watching others surpass them in every area. When it comes to performance testing, there are some testers that become very good at it over time. However, others remain mediocre. So how can you avoid mediocrity and thrive as a performance tester?

To start, realize that common merits exist among the best testers: broad knowledge of technologies in computer engineering, inquisitiveness and curiosity, and an avid pursuit of learning. Next, you’ll want to check out this write-up in which Jun Zhuang talks about how to start your performance testing career, smart approaches to time management, and the necessity of having a broad knowledge beyond the testing tool.

4. 6 Questions to Determine if a Candidate is Fit for the QA Job

Planning on interviewing candidates for a QA position anytime soon? Well then this post is for you! Oftentimes, questions posed to QA candidates aren’t designed to deliver the best results or truly judge the nature of the interviewee.

Author and Software Testing Help team member Bhumika Mehta asserts that the right interview process starts with the right questions. This article includes six questions, recommended by Mehta, that can help you gauge candidates’ curiosity and passion, their take on bug reporting and idea generation, and even their analytical skills (among others). Take a look!

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