Being a Braver Tester – Neotys Testing Roundup

1. Being a Braver Tester

As a tester, you’ve got tons of great resources to help you improve. In fact, you can find a lot from the Neotys Resource page. But what’s the difference between just being a tester and being a really good tester? According to this blog post, it’s simple: be brave.

There are many times that a tester can and should be brave, whether it’s having the courage to stand up for what you feel is right in testing or attempting something new that may or may not work out.

This article explores different ways in which we as testers can be brave. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully will be a good start and maybe even something to inspire others.

Check out the article here.

2. On Women, In Testing

Rosie Sherry, one of the authors at Ministry of Testing, wrote an interesting post that we thought was worth sharing about being a geek girl. She writes:

“The topic of women in technology is a recurring one. As is the topic of ‘women in testing’. My thoughts on the topic have evolved over the years. I think I’ve thought about it so much and evolved in my own career that I don’t personally see it as an issue or something to focus too much on.”

She continues, “The technology world is different from the testing world, for women.” Before you protest, have a listen to what she says.

3. Discussion: How Can a Tester Increase his Observation Skills?

Here’s a discussion that may help you build your skills: “How should a tester increase his observation skills? I feel that i somewhere lack sharp observation and attention to detail. any games or exercises that can make my approach towards testing easier with practice.”

One of the folks who responded shared a lot of great tips:

  • Practice pattern recognition
  • Switch it up when you get stale
  • Take a purely physical break periodically
  • Leave yourself notes
  • Minimize distractions

There’s a lot more to those bullet points – check out the full discussion and contribute your suggestions.

4. 5 Things a Beginner Developer (and Tester) Should Know About Software Testing

You ask the question, “Who wants to join the testing team?” and the room falls silent.

This is what happened to Bhumika Mehta. She had 20 trainees on board and they were being trained on different aspects of software projects. Leads and managers from different departments like business analysis, development, testing, and sales held meetings with those trainees to provide them knowledge and to help them in understanding what and how actual software project looks like. As a test lead, Bhumika explained basic testing aspects and importance of testing life cycle to those new faces.

But no one was ready to join testing. Read this post to find out how she changed the minds of 20 people about the job of a software tester.

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